The critics agree: THE WANDERLUST DIARIES is a completed work of fiction!

“This book is awesome and makes me question everything I did to raise you,” -Maria’s Mom

“Why would I pay $2.99 for this when I could get the .pdf from our shared Google Drive?” – All of Maria’s Friends

“I said to write some LinkedIn posts, WTF is this!?!” -Maria’s Boss

Okay, there are real reviews too…

Independent Book Review

The Wanderlust Diaries is a fun and easy-going read filled with deeper themes of loss, survival, and independence. It is truly a novel that keeps you laughing, gasping, and crying all while rooting for the main character to have her happy ending. Martinico perfectly captures what it feels like to be a young girl in search of adventure and love while withstanding a whole lot of struggle. Whether you make this your first read of 2020 or your last, be sure to make time for it because it is more than worth it.


5 Stars

“I loved reading this book! From the notion of endless travel options to the romance of meeting new people and experiencing new cultures had me hooked from page 1! Just allow yourself to melt into a comfy chair while falling into Charlie’s adventures and you won’t know where the day went! Hope there are more books to come!” – L.M. Rogers

“Honestly, there wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this book! I know that’s too easy but I thought it flowed really well and is smart with explaining traditions, science and cultural differences. The main character, Charlie, keeps it real, is witty and stays true to her Self. The character development is well thought out and wonderfully layered. It was a fun and super steamy mix that made me want to keep reading! Maria is a captivating and beautifully detailed writer.” -Char

“Truly a fun read and was the highlight of my weekend!! I was hooked with the beginning notion of a round-the-world ticket, then the pages turned themselves – what is this girl getting into?! I fell in love with/alongside her and stayed intrigued with the author’s well researched details throughout and agile movement of plot. It was funny, it was steamy, and I’ll be waiting, hopefully not too long, for Martinico’s next release;)” – Jen R.

“An engaging tale that will make you want to pack a backpack and a stack of condoms to seek far flung corners of the world. Also a poignant story about confronting your past, and finding the courage to choose a different future. Loved it!” – ReadMcReadsALot*

“This book was a wonderful surprise!! I picked it up for a light read, excited for some hot scenes and a fun story. I was completely surprised when I fell in love with these characters, and found myself deeply involved in this story. This was one I couldn’t put down after I got going.” – lauren burns

*actual Amazon username. Bravo, Ms. ReadsMcReadsALot


4.75 Stars

“Charlie has an around-the-world ticket, and she’s on a quest for adventure. She’s running from her past, looking for excitement and experiences bigger than Flint, Michigan. Her travels take her to exotic locations across the South Pacific, rescuing elephants, learning to surf and meeting interesting people. Her independence and snark are great camouflage for a girl searching desperately for acceptance and a place to belong.
On a little Fijan island, she meets Malaki, the calm to her storm. He’s not only hot as hell but a beautiful soul. His strength and acceptance allow her to flourish and finally open heart. When a natural disaster sweeps away her newly found, makeshift family, she’s compelled to return home. But Charlie’s no longer the same girl, no longer willing to accept less than total freedom and happiness. Through Malaki’s eyes, she’s seen more in herself.
The Wanderlust Diaries hooked me on page one. Maria Martinico paints such vivid settings that I felt as if I was experiencing these places firsthand. From bug bites to bird calls, Martinico has a knack for immersing the reader in the moment. I absolutely loved Charlie’s inner dialogue. She’s blunt, a little crude and my kinda gal. There’s no generic storyline here. I was continually surprised and sacrificed a lot of sleep to read just one more page, one more scene, on more chapter.
The Wanderlust Diaries is a fun, steamy read that will take you through the gamut of emotions and have you snorting with laughter. After the last page, you’ll be tempted to book a plane ticket and definitely start looking for more from this author.” – Charisse Moritz