Let’s Escape A Little…

3553840E-58CD-4399-B786-228EE8011239Imagine you found a diary abandoned in a youth hostel and guiltily started reading someone’s steamiest confessions….

THE WANDERLUST DIARIES sweeps you into the journey of a funny but deeply damaged young woman who lies to everyone, including herself. Packed with sexy encounters, raw adventures and unexpected revelations, the entries invite you to come along for one hell of a trip.



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Here’s the Scoop:

Charlie has rarely left the concrete confines of Flint before she steps on a plane with an around-the-world ticket. A hospice nurse with a lust for life, she hops across exotic South Pacific destinations leaving a wake of rescued elephants, spilled beers, broken surfboards and rejected flings behind her.

Her plans to remain unattached are tested on a remote Fijian island when she falls for Malakai, a handyman who gives the demigod Maui a run for his money. She finds herself in his surf spot (and his shower) more often than she means to, but their cozy island bliss is torn apart by a natural disaster.

Held accountable for her crimes, she returns home and must decide whether to accept the familiar dysfunction of the life she tried to escape with an old love, or take a chance on returning to the devastated island to find Malakai and a new version of herself.


Chapter 1: Bangkok

Chapter 2: The First Time

Chapter 3: Elephants and Old Balls

Chapter 4: Into the Green Room

Chapter 5: The Village

Chapter 6: Chai Son

Chapter 7: Ants in the Pants

Chapter 8: Nudie River